Camera, Video & Post Production

What we do

Ranging from freelance camera operating, cutting, compositing, color correction and audio mixing to full service production we always have the right solution for your video and media creation needs, don't hesitate to contact us!

We are happy to help you get the message across – be it in form of a small testimonial or infomercial clip, a commercial or even a full blown image / PR film.

You can see a few examples of our work in the background – just click on an image to play!
Of course there is more, so just ask us for an example of our work that fits your project.

And if you need a technical director or developer to aid in the optimization of your production pipeline also have a look at our Software and IT services.

Full Service Production

Camera Operating | Footage Acquisition

Post Production | Encoding Services


Custom Software Development

What we do

As you can see below we do all kinds of custom software development. If you have an interesting challenge on hand and are looking for some dedicated people who love real engineering challanges, don't hesitate to contact us!

Mobile Apps

For custom mobile application development depending on the type of project we are either using the devices native SDK (iPhone SDK, Anroid SDK etc.) or a third party library – Airplay SDK for media centric apps or Appcelerator Titanium for web centric apps.

Current projects: Native 360° / 3D product viewer & shopping cart app  |  Motorsport magazine app

Web Development

Using state of the art development tools like Eclipse, Aptana Studio or FDT we are implementing client server projects using a vast range of technologies – from servlets running on a custom scalable Tomcat app server to frontend driven ajax applications (using jQuery, Dojo or our own lightweight custom jscript library) or cross platform interactive flash based desktop apps, widgets, screensavers using Adobe AIR or MDM Zinc. Of course we do classic web design and CMS installations as well.

Current projects: Distributed iterative high res Java image server for interactive 360° / 3D product photos connecting to either an Ajax, HTML5, Flash, iPhone/iPad or Android viewer app

Post Production Pipeline | Plugins

Do you need specialized tools or scripts to make your production pipeline work flawlessly? Custom extensions or plugins for any of the following post-pro tools: 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Fusion, Nuke | OpenFX? – We have the necessary experience and know-how to build them!

Native Applications

We develop your custom native and cross platform applications using either Microsoft Visual Studio (win32/win64), Apple Xcode (osx) or Eclipse / GCC (Linux or Java development).
We have experience with a broad range of development ranging from high performance distributed C++ networking applications running on Linux or Solaris and embedded applications controlling external hardware through custom interfaces up to multithreaded graphics centric enduser programs!

Current projects: Custom developed and built computerized turntable with user friendly software for fully automated high res 360° / 3D product shots (in front of blue or green screen)


ScanWorx - automated 360° product photos


More information and references coming soon!

Contact us for custom quotes.

Supported platforms

Viewer running on: Browser - Flash based, Browser - HTML5/JS based for iPad etc., Mobile App for Android/iOS devices!


Web Design & Development

Planning and Design

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Implementation and Development

Besides planning and designing websites we also implement CMS powered websites using Typo3, Contao, Concrete5, Sapphire, Django or Wordpress – often with custom built extensions and plugins, or with Ajax / DHTML / Flash integration for a nicer user experience.

Current projects: Ajax powered product catalog via custom Typo3 Extension  |  html5 & flash 360° / 3D product viewer

Mobile App Development

If you are interested in providing your users an even more unique experience of your services on-the-go we can help you getting your ideas to life with our software development services for all common mobile devices.


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